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virtually May 8-9

At this virtual event you’ll meet innovators at the forefront of areas




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Who we are

A diverse community of data and AI professionals explore best practices for ML/Gen AI deployment in production.

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Our committee

See a snapshot of the technical AI practitioners and Committee that helps drive our initiatives.

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How Does it Work?

The GenAI tech landscape can be overwhelming. Join us as we dive into the emergent production stack with over 30 short demos and presentations. Learn from the experience of others and share your experience, in an open virtual setting with Q&A. Our goal is for you to get a deeper understanding of what is out there, and what may be of interest to you based on the needs of your project initiatives.

On hand will be people working through various projects, including founders and solution architects, all with deep technical knowledge, and a willingness to help answer questions as they showcase some of the latest approaches to deploying and maintaining GenAI in production environments.

We’ll have various slotted times for presentations between the days of May 7-8-9. The schedule and links will be provided, and the session will take place on Hopin virtual conference platform.

  • You can drop in the company’s or group presentation anytime during the allocated time.
  • Each session will help you better understand the tooling and approaches via demos/Q&A with specialists. You can ask questions/share with others with similar interests.
  • Move around the space freely, Chat 1-1 via the direct messaging feature or simply watch the host session present. The platform is easy to navigate.
  • We will also give the presenters the opportunity to reach out for 1-1 meetings and vice versa.
Once you register you will get access to the platform and schedule
We do welcome anyone with an understanding of ML and GenAI and a passion for exploring the methods for successfully implementing GenAI projects. In particular those who stand to benefit are practitioners working in production environments or striving toward deployment.

The MLOps World Community, & GenAI World Summit Organizers and group (see Who We Are Section)

This event is free to attend, see link here.

No, the joint GenAI World / MLOps World Conference and Expo proceedings are taking place Nov 7-8 in Austin Texas. You can find more info here. This is a free virtual event we are offering.

No, this is actually for all those working with and interested in Machine Learning and GenAI. We highlight top thought leaders globally, and our group consists on people from around the world.

Laptop or personal computer, and a strong, reliable wifi connection. Google Chrome is recommended to run the Virtual Conference platform.

All sessions will be recorded during the event (provided speaker permissions) and will be made available to attendees approximately 2-4 weeks after the event for those who signed up.


Gen AI Tools
Infra & Open Source
Demo Days

Subject to minor changes.

May 8th

Mitigating RAG Hallucinations with Aporia Guardrails

Alon Gubkin, CTO

Customizable RAG workflows with your own Data
Christy Bergman, Developer Advocate
The Secret Sauce for Deploying LLM Applications into Production
Josh Reini, Developer Advocate, OSS Lead
The Who, What, and Why of Data Lake Table Formats
Alex Merced, Developer Advocate
Introducing Arize-Phoenix and OpenInference
Mikyo King, Head of Open Source & Founding Engineer
Integrating AI Directly with Your Existing Databases. Build, Deploy and Manage AI Apps Easily, without Moving Your Data Into Complex Pipelines and Specialized Vector Databases.

Duncan Blythe, Co-Founder & CTO

Keynote Sessions
Making Enterprise GenAI Safe and Effective - Tools and Approaches

Rahm Hafiz, CTO

Running multiple models on the same GPU, on spot instances
Oscar Rovira, Co-Founder
LLMs From Dream to Deployed
Josh Goldstein, Solutions Engineer
Towards Robust GenAI: Techniques for Evaluating Enterprise LLM Applications
Dhruv Singh, Co-Founder & CTO
The Journey of Building a Leading Open Source LLM Security Toolkit
Oleksandr Yaremchuk, Principal Engineer LLMs and Open-Source Initiatives
Private, Local AI
Christian Crowley, Co-Founder
Beyond Benchmarks: Measuring Success for Your AI Initiatives
Salma Mayorquin, Co-Founder
Evaluation Engineering: Iterative Strategies to Testing Prompts
Jared Zoneraich, Founder & Founder
Apache Airflow: Where Data Engineers and Ml Engineers Meet
Tamara Fingerlin, Developer Advocate

May 9th

The BEST Component for Your RAG System
Jeffrey Kim, AutoRAG Lead Dev
From Idea to Production: AI Infra for Scaling LLM Apps
From Idea to Production: AI Infra for Scaling LLM Apps

Guy Eshet, Product Manager

Function Calling for LLMs: RAG Without a Vector Database

Jim Dowling, CEO

Lessons Learned from Scaling Large Language Models in Production
Matt Squire, CTO
Finding Training Inefficiencies with CentML DeepView

Yubo Gao, Research Software Development Engineer

Keynote Sessions
Why Ai Apps Don't Work in Prod: AI Reliability Survey

Shreya Rajpal, CEO

Evaluating LLMs and RAG Pipelines at Scale

Eric O. Korman, Co-Founder / Chief Science Officer

Better Chatbots with Advanced RAG Techniques
Zain Hasan, Developer Advocate
Running Prompts at CI Does Not Make Your Gen Ai App Enterprise Ready
Jakob Frick, CTO
Data Versioning in Generative AI: A Pathway to Cost-effective ML
Dmitry Petrov, CEO
Building ML and GenAI Systems with Metaflow
Ville Tuulos, CEO

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