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Call For Speakers

Global Generative AI in Production Summit Call for Speakers

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As a Speaker at the Generative AI in Production Conference, you will help share knowledge that propels and inspires others to work responsibly, effectively, and efficiently within this emerging field.

Why Generative AI in Production?

Despite the recent surge of attention and numerous advancements in the field, there remains a significant gap in our understanding of Generative AI experimentation and deployment in real-world scenarios. The intricacies of building these models within production environments, identifying the most impactful proof-of-concepts, and addressing ethical and legal considerations during deployment pose substantial uncertainties. Furthermore, for practitioners, navigating a career path in this domain involves constantly evolving factors that demand a clearly defined roadmap.

Through this gathering, our aim is to inspire not only our community but also others to engage in discussions, exchange insights, and actively contribute to the effort of making these practices in Generative AI in production more transparent, well-defined, and widely adopted.

What we can ensure is that throughout these 2 days, you’ll have an opportunity to make connections that last a lifetime while building your network of entrepreneurs, practitioners, and scientists dedicated to our collective goal. Submit to speak at this open exploration that includes conference proceedings, hands-on workshops, tooling & Open Source demos, a Career fair week, and more. A must-attend 2-day event for anyone working with Generative AI!

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Please note that this event will take place alongside MLOps World. Attendees will have free access to both events that will be held onsite in a common area.