Generative AI World Summit

Hosted By MLOps World

Event Speakers

Keynote Speaker

D Sculley
D Sculley

CEO, Kaggle
Talk: is It Too Much to Ask for A Stable Baseline?

Event Speakers

Dr. Ilyas Iyoob
Dr. Ilyas Iyoob

Faculty, University of Texas
Talk: Lessons Learned from Implementing GenAI at Large Enterprises

Reuven Cohen
Reuven Cohen

CTO Generative AI, EY Americas
Talk: Unlocking Potential: A Fireside Chat on Generative AI, Reasoning, and Logic in Enterprise Innovation

William Falcon

Founder & CEO, Lightning AI
Talk: Gen AI and Lightning: Accelerating AI Innovation while Ensuring Scalability and Security

Rajiv Shah

Machine Learning Engineer, Hugging Face
Talk: Evaluation Techniques for Large Language Models

Matthew Honnibal

Founder & CTO, Explosion AI
Talk: How many Labelled Examples Do You Need for a BERT-sized Model to Beat GPT4 on Predictive Tasks?

Ryan McClelland

Research Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Talk: Evolved Structures: Using AI and Robots to Build Spaceflight Structures at NASA

Hien Luu

Head of ML Platform, DoorDash
Talk: LLMOps: An Emerging Stack to Productionalize LLM Applications

Goku Mohandas

ML Lead, Anyscale
Talk: End-to-end Production Machine Learning Workflows

Aayush Mudgal

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Pinterest
Talk: Evolution of ML Training and Serving Infrastructure at Pinterest

Hannes Hapke
Hannes Hapke

Principal Machine Learning Engineer, Digits
Talk: Fine-Tune LLMs or Integrate 3rd Party APIs? A Financial Case-Study

Shreya Rajpal
Shreya Rajpal

Founder, Guardrails AI
Talk: Your AI Applications Need Guardrails: Here's How To Build Them

Fabiana Clemente

Co-Founder, Chief Data & Product Officer, YData
Talk: Synthetic Data: Generative AI for Enhanced Data Quality in the Era of Foundational Models

Virtual Workshop

Anouk Dutree
Anouk Dutree

Product Owner, UbiOps
Workshop: Deploying Generative AI Models: Best Practices and An Interactive Example

Eddie Mattia
Eddie Mattia

Data Scientist, Outerbounds
Workshop: LLMs in Practice: A Guide to Recent Techniques and Trends

Niels Bantilan

Chief ML Engineer,
Workshop: Learn Your Codebase: Fine-tuning CodeLlama with Flyte… to Learn Flyte


This agenda is still subject to changes.